COVID-19 Tracking Through Plots

All COVID-19 data is sourced from the COVID Tracking Project and the European Centers for Disease Control. The shapefile for the United States was created by Esri using data from ArcUSA, the U.S. Census, Esri, and the USDA. The shapefile for the world was obtained from Plots are updated every day at 7 PM MDT, to take advantage of the regular updates to the data stores.

Due to the incomplete testing and reporting regimens in various countries, the data will at times be incomplete, resulting in strange-looking plots.


World chloropleth map
World deaths
World chloropleth map
World deaths per capita
World spread
World cases and deaths
Top ten cases/deaths
Most affected countries cases and deaths

United States

US chloropleth map
US cases
US chloropleth map
US cases per capita
US new positive cases
US most affected states cases and deaths
US spread
US total cases and deaths
US positive/negative cases
US new positive/negative cases
US cases/deaths
US cases and deaths by state